Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Americolor vs Wilton

So I've always used Wilton coloring because well that's all that's in the craft stores around me. But I HATE making black icing. It takes so much of the Wilton gel coloring that I'm worn out by the time it's black, and even then it's not truly black. So I decided to try Americolor, as I've heard a lot of positve feedback. It's amazing how fast the icing turned black and it is a true black. I love it! Now I'll definitely try some other colors from Americolor. Once I finish the Wilton colors I have, I may completely switch over to Americolor.

Here's a cookie with Wilton after mixing for a few minutes. You can tell it's not super black.

Here's a cookie I did with Americolor, that was mixed in at least half the time. There's not a big portion of black, but you can tell it's more black than the other.