Sunday, February 7, 2010


This past week I tried my hand at making a quilt. I'm going to send this to an old friend that is expecting in May. I'm trying to reach out to her because she's been through some rough times lately and things God is out to get her. I once told her that He is out to get her, but not in the bad way that she thinks. He wants to get her, and pull her close to Him!

So I found a tutorial for sewing just a cotton panel to minky dot fabric to make a lovely baby blanket. I wanted to make the one side a bit more interesting than just a cotton panel so I decided to try a quilt pattern. I already had the fabric picked out so I just sat down and figured out how I wanted to lay out the squares. I don't think it turned out too bad considering it was my first try and that minky dot fabric is so hard to sew with unless you have a million pins.


  1. Super cute! What a great gift! Way to go on tackling a bag and a quilt--you'll be a master seamstress yet!

  2. Wow Lanie! Great job! I'm so glad you are not too intimidated by sewing to just "go for it".