Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Content in my unemployment

About a month ago I was put on a temporary layoff status. I was ok with this, as it was somewhat a voluntary thing. Most of the other ladies in our accounting department were their own income, so I new I was able to handle it the best. On Friday I found out this layoff would turn to permanent status. At first I was upset, a little amplified by some unsuccessful job interviews. But a friend wrote a note regarding her thought on her unemployment, and changed my perspective. Basically, she said that middle/upper class base so much of their lives on their career. Instead of dwelling on my unemployment, I need to take this time to grow closer to God, and to trust in His control. He provides for his children and I need to just remember that. So that being said, I'm more content, and focusing on my growth in the Lord.

Thanks to Amy for opening my eyes.
My girls who keep me in line...

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