Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, God answers prayers!
Thursday I got a call from my mom at work on Wednesday last week, asking if I knew a lady. I didn't recognize the name, but she insisted the lady knew me. Turns out that I had one class with her at Sinclair, and we had talked because she dates one of my co-workers. She found her dream job and needed someone to take her place. I called her and she asked if I could interview that day, but I was covered in cookie dough so we decided Thursday morning would be better. I went in Thursday and answered some questions on a piece of paper. Then the owner came and looked over the paper and offered me a job. I literally said "Are you serious?" He has asked me no other questions, but trusted the recomendation. So I started Monday and think it seems like a great job. I'm doing all the bookeeping at The Carpet Store, and my hours are 9-2...can't get better hours than that!
Through this I've realized just how much God is in control and how His timing is perfect. The time I had off was great to pack for the move and then to get a little settled in once we moved.
HE is awesome!!!

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  1. Wow! PTL! What a blessing and what great hours! God is good.